Vogue Bistro

15411 W Waddell Rd
Surprise, AZ 85379
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  • Avg. Rating
    4.3 (5048)
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    4.3 (1158)
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    4.6 (2363)
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    3.5 (640)
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    4 (362)
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    4.2 (353)
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    4.5 (91)
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    8.2 /10
    8.2 (81)


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Reviews for Vogue Bistro

michael m.
michael m.

Just went here Saturday night for our wedding anniversary and I will say the food and the service were great. The one problem we had is that when I called for revervations I mentioned it was our wedding anniversary and would like a nice quiet table. We were sat at what I believe is the worst table in the place. Right next to the kitchen where all the staff stand. It was very noisey making it hard to carry on a conversation. I read another review from a customer who had the exact same issue when mentioning it was their anniversary, they were sat at the same table. It confuses me as to why you would sit a couple celebrating an anniversary at this same table after you had just received the exact same complaint from another customer. Last but not least, $1.50 charge for ordering my top shelf $25 glass of scotch on the rocks? Not any kind of craft ice. Just regular ice cubes.

susan f.
susan f.

Had dinner here twice within a week. First meal was awesome. Second time was gravely disappointing. Three of us had steak, two flank steaks and one filet. Two steaks were seriously overcooked to the point of tasting burnt. One was burnt but raw inside. The bill was slightly adjusted but frankly the meal was ruined. Took two new friends with us and its was embarrassing that it was so bad. Really inexcusable to run three beautiful cuts of meat. Need to do better.

joan t.
joan t.

The weather was perfect (09/20/23), so we dined on the patio. Our server was helpful, but not intrusive. We had cocktails; bruschetta; chicken cordon blue; Arizona burger; & he double chocolate cake. I liked the signature “spin” the chef applies to his entrees; uniquely delicious! This was my third visit over the past several years & I have enjoyed every one.

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Vogue Bistro
15411 W Waddell Rd
SurpriseAZ 85379

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