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Pizza Hut is a chain of restaurants that specializes in pizza and other Italian-American cuisine. The Pizza Hut restaurant located at 136 Market Pl Cir Suite C in Calera, Alabama is a franchise location that serves a variety of menu items, including pizzas, pastas, wings, and salads.

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    3.4 (276)
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    3.6 (232)
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    2 (23)
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    2 (15)
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    6.4 /10
    6.4 (4)
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    3.6 (2)


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Reviews for Pizza Hut

tyler e.
tyler e.

Edit 2022: With new management everything is running back to a high standard! Josh, the manager was clearly a great addition to the staff, as none of the issues I experienced were found in any recent visit. 5 stars for Pizza Hut Calera! EDIT 2019: I’m proud to edit this review from 5 to 1 star-all thanks to the less than stellar customer service skills of the new manager, Cody. Zero respect for customers or the local small businesses who have supported them for years. Additionally, he won’t hesitate to hide in the back of the store “too busy” to resolve issues with a customer. Coming from one of the few people to ever leave a positive review for this location, they won’t see another dime from me under this management. Old review- Always great service, stellar management, and great prep times! Sometimes delivery can take a while, but if you're in a hurry you should always do carry-out anyway.

faye d.
faye d.

Today, I order the Boston Style Supreme.which comes with a 2 Liter for $15.99. However, there was no Italian Sausage on my pizza at all, only vegetables. Plus, my wait time became longer because it was switched over to DoorDash. The driver Betty brought my pizza and it was COLD! I mean COLD! Come to think of it I don’t believe this pizza was even mines. Because it had only vegetables and NO SAUSAGE! I was so disappointed. Also, my garlic sauce was missing that I ordered. However, my pizza was really good and the crust was amazing that’s one of the reasons why I’m giving it a high rating. But, especially because the manager Patty gave me a credit for my entire order and apologized too me about the inconvenience. I didn’t get a chance to tell there was no meat on my pizza I only found it out later once I looked closely at my pizza. You be the judge! But, I give 5 stars for Patty. She was very polite, professional and treated me as a valued customer. Keep up the good work. But, please be

patrick p.
patrick p.

Worst pizza I've ever had, sauce tasted like cheap jar sauce crust was greasy , very little cheese , crust was soggy. The only good thing was it was hot. 17.75 plus tip my great grandchildren could have done better. And have.

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10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Location Map

Pizza Hut
136 Market Pl Cir Suite C
CaleraAL 35040

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