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McAlister's Deli, located in Birmingham, Alabama, is a sandwich shop that serves up an array of delicious sandwiches, soups, salads, and spuds. Their signature recipes, friendly staff, and inviting atmosphere make their dining experience a memorable one every time. Customers can enjoy their delicious food both in the shop or from the comfort of their own homes by ordering online or through a drive-thru.

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    4.1 (1008)
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    3.8 (367)
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    4.5 (554)
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    2.5 (51)
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Reviews for Mcalister's Deli

starr h.
starr h.

Was excited to visit this location for the first time. The cashier (Kristina) was nice, patient and helpful. The restaurant was also nice and clean. The kitchen staff were loud and very chatty with one another (about the customers waiting ) inside the kitchen and walked in and out getting drinks and going to the restroom while there were several tickets up and customers waiting and picking up orders. I heard one man from the kitchen ask "why are they standing there?" and the guy expediting the orders answered "they are waiting on food". The expeditior had several customers orders sitting in the corner instead of passing them out. Myself and others had to walk up to the counter to ask for orders that were ready but being stored in the corner to get cold. I waited for 25 minutes + . The manager that was present never came over to assist or try to speed along the process. Looking into the kitchen, several of the staff were looking out into the lobby commenting on pretty women coming in an

yasmine f.
yasmine f.

Bruh didn’t even want to take my order fr then he hung up in my face talking about “we’re busy right now” I rather for him to just let the phone ring like all the other restaurants do for that. Im sick with the flu, so I was sending someone to get my food. That’s why I called and yes I said “Bruh” cause he my kind and im tryna keep it cute for this review cause he pmo!

a w.
a w.

The food is good and the location is in walking distance of the hospitals.

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10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Location Map

McAlister's Deli
1801 4th Ave S Suite 111
BirminghamAL 35233

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