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Crown Kitchen & Catering is a restaurant located in Birmingham, Alabama that offers a range of menu options including Southern-inspired dishes, sandwiches, salads, seafood, and desserts. The restaurant features an extensive beverage selection and delivery options for customers who don't have time to visit the restaurant. All orders come with hot and cold dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients and friendly service to ensure customers have a great dining experience.

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    3.7 (66)
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    3.7 (66)


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Reviews for Crown Kitchen & Catering

shavon f.
shavon f.

Bro definitely has good food. Late night when everyone closed, you can order from here. Friendly environment, great ppl, and laid back vibe Parking space Plenty of parking Parking options Free parking lot … More

s l.
s l.

This was my first time order food from this place from door dash. The chicken and hot and fresh but I wanted it to be fried hard . The fries was nasty , wet and had a lot of grease on them from the chicken wings. The can coke was a good thing. No bread came with it. I call the restaurant and said no salt on the fries or on the chicken wings …the man got smart and hung up on me . I will not order anything else from them again .

mizz t.
mizz t.

This was my hubby and I first time visiting!! We will surely be back!! The food is delicious! Hubby had the T-bone Steak and Bake Potato and I had the Kings Fries with Chicken!! ????????????????

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Crown Kitchen & Catering
2017 Avenue F
BirminghamAL 35218

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