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Bamboo on 2nd is an asian restaurant located in the city of Birmingham, Alabama. It is a local restaurant that has been around for decades, serving authentic asian cuisine and delighting customers with their traditional dishes.

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    4.5 (1605)
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    4.6 (662)
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    4.5 (419)
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    4.3 (337)
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    4.5 (86)
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    8.7 /10
    8.7 (72)
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    3.6 (29)


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Reviews for Bamboo On 2nd

debra m.
debra m.

Bamboo on 2nd Thank you so very much for our Amazing dinner ! Your kindness overwhelmed me tonight, not to mention that the food was outstanding! We frequent your restaurant often & I have always loved it! Looking for to out next evening together.

mrs. c.
mrs. c.

We had such high hopes but unfortunately…. Food was okay but we didn’t feel very welcomed at all. This was red flag number one. The owners or co-owners should move away from the door and hire a host or hostess. Their facial expressions were not pleasant when we entered. I’m sure the staff would appreciate them not hovering around all of the time, as well. Also, the staff wasn’t diverse or very friendly at all. This was red flag number two. Once we were done eating, the server brought the check assuming we didn’t want dessert. That is a no. You’re supposed to always ask the guests if they want any dessert or anything else prior to closing out their tab. There was a feeling of being rushed. Overall, we definitely won’t be returning. The atmosphere was not upbeat or welcoming. There’s obviously a “certain crowd,” this establishment prefers. We’ll find another spot for Ramen. ***As you can see from the response below and other reviews, no lies were told from our honest review.

laronica c.
laronica c.

So far, every item I’ve tried has been excellent! And the prices aren’t outrageous. My favs so far include the tempura fried green beans, the Thai salad add shrimp and ribs. And I love the bartenders! The only thing I would caution everyone about is that they don’t take reservations and they don’t seat incomplete parties and seating is limited for more than two people. The host is major sticker for following the seating rule which is fine, but I just wish he would loosen up just a bit. I had a party of four, but only three of us were there at that time. I KNEW my fourth person was coming, I just didn’t know when because they were coming from work. The host told us we would need to stay seated at the bar until my friend got there ok that’s fine If there were more tables to accommodate more than two people. BUT…there are only two tables that can accommodate three people and there was one table open for four. He didn’t want to give the three of us the four top because he felt that we woul

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Business Hours

5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Location Map

Bamboo on 2nd
2212 2nd Ave N
BirminghamAL 35203

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