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Hardee's is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in burgers, chicken sandwiches, and breakfast items. The restaurant is located at 1110 S Jefferson St in Athens, Alabama.

Ratings for Hardee's

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    3.8 (425)
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    3.8 (408)
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    3 (10)
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    5 (4)
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    1.5 (3)


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Reviews for Hardee's

beau c.
beau c.

As always Hardees is very, very slow. But, they always have the best fast food. Best biscuit & gravy. Ever. Best breakfast menu. Fairly good burgers. Good thing there's not one real close to my house!

cindy w.
cindy w.

Went there today just after 11:00 am and ordered coffee and was told it’s after 11 and we don’t have any. So I asked, do you not make it? And she replied no, not for just one cup. Really? And, she didn’t seem to care whether we stayed or not. I asked for a comment card but didn’t see any. People drink coffee all day not just for breakfast. As we were leaving one girl ran out after us and said she was sorry about that. That’s fine, I am still going to fill out an online comment. So we went down the road to Bojangles and got FREE coffee which is served fresh all day and they are happy about doing it. Even come to your table and bring refills. Was great with their dessert biscuits! So if you want coffee from Hardee’s you better go during breakfast hours or you won’t get it. Terrible customer service

jake j.
jake j.

Started stopping here for breakfast a few times a month. They are the fastest Hardee's I've seen in a while. The food has been fresh each time too!

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1110 S Jefferson St
AthensAL 35611

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