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Mizu Japanese Steak House is an premier japanese restaurant located in Alabaster, Alabama that offers a unique teppanyaki experience. It is the only restaurant in the area that offers the full range of steak house favorites paired with traditional japanese cuisine. Not only is Mizu's food top notch, but the atmosphere also provides an enjoyable experience for all who dine there.

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    4.2 (1219)
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    4.3 (731)
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    4.2 (200)
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    4 (135)
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    3.5 (72)
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    4.5 (49)
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    4 (32)


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Reviews for Mizu Japanese Steak House

rebecca a.
rebecca a.

**Be skeptical of eating here, seriously. Just had the most horrible experience at this restaurant that seems to be ran by mostly young teens or kids that no nothing about customer service or manners. Kicking it off, my husbands meal had a large HUNK of what we can only hope was PLASTIC and he didn’t realize it until he bit down on whatever the mystery plastic was. Then a waitress or another employee must have spilled glasses of water or food near our table and upon leaving our unfinished meals, I slip and BUST on a fall to my back because not only have they placed the “caution wet” sign 10 feet AWAY from the ACTUAL SPILL toward the MIDDLE of the restaurant, but they had also just left thin spread out water all over tile floor. As we were walking out the door, my husband and I suggested to a young blonde host that the signs needs to be placed closer to the spill and it needs to be mopped better. She proceeds to condescendingly snap back at us that “there IS a sign” as she flips her hea


I've been coming to mizu for years and it's been very good, up until the last year. The food has gotten steadily worse each time, with this last time being the absolute worst. The sushi wasn't fresh and the chicken terriaki was awful. I have noticed since they hired a lot of non Asians the quality has gone way down.. this past time I went to pick up my food there wasn't even 1 small Asian child behind the counter playing on an iPad. Not 1 in the entire restaurant. Not a good sign.

jeff k.
jeff k.

Food was good but not worth $80 for 3 people.

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Location Map

Mizu Japanese Steak House
750 Colonial Promenade Pkwy #5
AlabasterAL 35007

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